NBA Lockout??

To me the NBA is not as exciting as it was when MJ (Michael Jordan) was throwing it down on the courts in front of 30 thousand fans. It has been nearly 5 months since professional basketball has played a game. But if you look around no one really notices their lack of existence. College hoops is starting up, NFL is getting into full swing, the NHL is already a quarter of the way done with their season and the hot stove in just heating up for the MLB.

I grew up in NY but was a Chicago Bulls fan die to MJ taking over the world at the time. After his retirement, I became a New York Knicks fan and for the first couple of years was overly zealous on how they would do throughout the year. But in recent times, the NBA as well as the Knicks has decreased in popularity in my mind, but now gaining ground not only in the main stream media but also on the court. Yea the Knicks made moves in recent years by getting Stoudemire and Melo to compete against the s%$*y Miami Heat, but it still hasn’t brought a great deal of attention to the professional basketball world. The Big 3 of Dwyane Wade, Lebron James and Chris Bosh were supposed to bring a guaranteed championship to South Beach.

They did make the NBA Championship game but lost to Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks. The Mav’s showed the world that you don’t need to have the best players in the world to win a championship, just the will to win and some camaraderie between teammates. As the NBA Lockout extends, it only hurts the chances of the NBA regaining its fan base in the long run, as many viewers have migrated to other sports. It was recently reported that the MLS (Major League Soccer) has had attendance records and if those attendance figures keep growing it may be the end of one of the 4 most popular sports in the US.

Word to the NBA owners: “Man up and sign a deal before you don’t have a team to own!”


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